Come check out our newest Focus Group with Brian Spitz of Big State Homebuyers.  Brian will lead this monthly lunch time discussion group where experts have a forum to discuss  various topics in residential real estate.
Tuesday, March 20th, 11:30 AM – 1 PM


The Realty Investment Community of Houston is Southeast Texas’ premier real estate association for real estate investors. We provide our members with the education, resources, leads, and networking they need to earn more wealth with their investments. RICH Club has helps Houston-area real estate investors reach their full potential. We’re ready to help you, too.



RICH Club offers resources to anyone who is serious about growing their real estate investment expertise. Our membership includes full-time and part-time investors, beginning investors, real estate brokers and agents, business associates, attorneys, accountants, property managers, contractors, renovation specialists, appraisers, bankers, and people just like you who want to earn better returns on their realty investments starting today.


RICH is dedicated to continuing education and business networking, but our members enjoy many benefits beyond simple training and fellowship. Investors join RICH for many different reasons, but with one goal: mastering real estate investing. Here are a few of our most popular membership benefits provided to help each member achieve success:

Free monthly 1st Saturday General Membership meetings ($360 value)

Discounts on RICH Club events, educational tools, seminars, and courses

Free jumpstart Coaching Call for all new members ($200 value)

Instant Access To Webinar Archives ($1200 value)

New Investor Toolkit ($400 value)

National discount programs from Home Depot, Office Depot/Max and dozens of other vendors



Over 1200 local members have paid their RICH dues to become better, smarter, wealthier real estate investors. Here’s why they recommend RICH to new and experienced real estate investors alike:

I've been a member of RICH for over fifteen years.  RICH is the friendliest investor community in town.  This place welcomes new investors and tons of local experts and resources to help you with your investing.  This is the only place where you can learn about single family homes, self-storage, manufactured home parks, private lending, multi-family, commercial real estate and more!  RICH brings in the experts so you can learn how to create the lifestyle you want through real estate investing. Perla Carreon

The PLACE for learning to invest!

As a fourth generation real estate investor, I have learned more from the RICH Club about Real Estate Investing than from my own family, and they have been doing this for 3 generations!!!  Both commercial and residential, here in the States and abroad.  And I got to do this without spending thousands of dollars to be in someone's "group".  The support you receive at RICH is unlike any other group as it is genuine, heartfelt and with honorable intentions.  They have 15 - 25 meet ups a month so it doesn't matter what side of town you live on and phone calls are always free!  As Mr. T would say, "I pity the real estate investor who does not join RICH!" -- Paul Lamnatos

Paul Lamnatos

I don't go to RICH as much as I used or would like to but the connections I made and knowledge I gained were a huge help to my RE investing success. I put in a lot of hours at RICH in the first few years of my investing and would highly recommend any newbie or advanced investor to do the same. RICH continues to bring in top experts like Ray Sasser and Mitch Stephen - the kind of guys you want to be around in this biz.

Landon Rothstein