Are you ready to invest in YOU?

Working hard has never been an issue. When you made the move to become your own boss, you committed to the process and no one could ever fault you on your work ethic.

You’re proud of that, and sometimes glorify the fact that some days you work straight through into the wee hours of the night – until the computer screen blurs and the coffee stain lines on your mug start to count back time just like rings on a tree.


But at the end of each day, it never feels like the to-do list has gotten any shorter. Sometimes, you even wonder what you did with your time (kind of like the money in your bank account, which also just seems to disappear with nothing much to show for it!).
When you first got started you just wanted to land your first deal. A cool $5K would be enough to prove to yourself and your beloved that this wasn’t just a disillusioned dream.

So you made the leap. And next thing you know you’ve hit the massive milestone of $10K/mth.


It’s what you once had on your vision board, that big stretch goal. A six figure business that would suddenly dissolve your all problems. Except you feel ripped – they never mentioned the burnout and massive highs and lows in the brochures. Or how taxes would take away 30% and expenses another 20% – and now you’re working twice as hard for the same salary (if not lower) that you once had at your job. They forgot to mention that you’d never take any holidays or weekends – and if you think you can take maternity leave – think again.
So you try to scale. Simple maths right – just add a few more deals and all will right itself economically. You’re making a bit more money but start to drop the ball. With so much on your plate it’s a wonder you’re even able to shower at all. Emails get missed, clients get pissed and campaigns start to lose the plot. Next thing you know, you’re losing deals left and right and wondering if you’re even cut out for this industry at all.

Little do you realise… has nothing to do with this industry. In fact – the builder down the road is thinking the same thing. His hands sore and scabbed as he installs window after window – trading his time for money…. a setup that will never lead to long-term success.

And so you and the builder – both entrepreneurs who are ultimately chasing the same exact thing: more time and more money – stay in this hamster wheel of yo yo’s, a slave to your businesses.


Until one day someone explains to the builder: “Hire a team. Three guys eventually, but start with one. And delegate the work. Each guy will make you $50K/ per year, and just like that you’ll double your operations. And just like that you’ll go from earning $60K per year to $100K/year”.


And so he does.


And at first he hires friends of friends and the whole thing blows up in his face. But his mentor asks him to persevere and he rebuilds his team. And this time it works.

So he repeats the process.


A year and a half later, he has seven guys working under him. He’s tripled his take home salary. But more importantly, he’s able to spend time at home with his newborn baby.
Rinse and repeat.

It’s not rocket science. But it is a science.

And here’s the recipe he needed to make it work:


– Enough business to keep his team busy, ie: leads and clients 
– The right team 
– The right training and processes 
– Perseverance

The first three ingredients can all be learned and taught, but the one differentiator which will seperate those that succeed and those that crumble has a lot to do with you and how committed you are to your entrepreneurial vision.

And that’s kind of the good news – success in business has very little to do with luck and a lot to do with you and your ability to push through.

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