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Off Market Homes – The science of finding 50% Discounted Deals
There are approximately 8000 residential sales that happen every month in a large metro like Houston on the MLS (official marketplace regulated by realtors). That is HUGE! 
But did you know that this represents only about 30% of the total monthly activity? There are over 15,000 monthly transactions that happen outside of the MLS.
If you’re an investor would you rather pay100% of the market value on MLS or would you rather pick up properties at pennies on the dollar? We are guessing latter 😉
Welcome to the world of ‘Off Market’ deals. An interesting fact is that a large percentage of these off-market sales are represented by people in all kinds of distress – sometimes so serious that if the investor does not bail them out, the homeowner would end up losing the house completely to a foreclosure. 
Join us at the RICH Club on October 5th with A.G  Gupt, CEO of RealAcquisitions and take a deep dive into the world of off-market deal finding.  
What will you learn:
1.  8 most lucrative ways of identifying thousands of great off-market deals right in your backyard
2. Marketing techniques that cost virtually nothing and yet open up the pandora’s box of house deals
3. How to make your first $49,000 is wholesaling fee in your first 30 days
Every attendee gets 140 FREE Leads just for attending! 
About the speaker:
A.G Gupt is the Chief Innovation Officer at Real Acquisitions, the leading Real Estate platform in Texas. A coveted speaker, A.G is the also a managing partner in Terra Urbano a luxury residential construction firm.  A.G is renowned for his expertise in structuring un-conventional Real Estate transactions. A.G also owns and manages a very active portfolio of residential and commercial Real estate investments.

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