We want to tell you the truth about Wholesaling. . .


But you have to know what you’re doing and have a good team around you.  The next General Meeting will feature Vena Jones-Cox, aka The Real Estate Goddess.  Vena averages a wholesale deal every 9 days!  She knows what she’s doing and she’s ready to share her best practices and real world experiences with our RICH Community.

I’ve met Vena in person and I can assure you she does not hold back.  She’s a straight shooter, no holds barred, tell you truth, make you slap yourself for not getting started sooner, dynamic speaker. One of our long-term members even told me that Vena is the only national speaker he ever paid to travel to attend her out of state bootcamp.  She’s that good b/c this guy doesn’t spend money on anything!

So come join us on Saturday, May 5th from 9 am to noon for our Cinco De Mayo Breakfast with Benefits.