‘Chase Away the Elephant In the Room’ by NoteSchool

The Real Estate Investment business is constantly changing, and we have to be willing to confront that change, the elephant, when it arises. NoteSchool has decades of experience, having chased away many different elephants throughout the years. Read their article...

Why Use a Land Trust?

Why Use a Land Trust?

By Randy Hughes, aka Mr. Land Trust®

Do you remember 1969? Probably not. You may have been born after 1969 and did not find real estate as an investment until many years later. I remember the year 1969 very well. It was the year in which I purchased my first rental house. I was still in college and realized that I needed to break the cycle of poverty in my family.

Myths About Land Trusts

Myths about Land Trusts By: Mr. Land Trust®, Randy Hughes I write and teach a lot about the many benefits to using a Land Trust to hold title to real estate investments. There is a lot of misinformation in the marketplace about Land Trusts and a lot of bad advice...

RICH Cruise Ticket Giveaway 2018

RICH is giving away cruise tickets to one lucky member to join us for our educational and networking event at sea. Find out how you can enter for this special opportunity today. Don’t miss the boat!

30 Days to $10k – The Truth about Wholesaling

We want to tell you the truth about Wholesaling. . . IT WORKS! But you have to know what you're doing and have a good team around you.  The next General Meeting will feature Vena Jones-Cox, aka The Real Estate Goddess.  Vena averages a wholesale deal every 9 days! ...