Fortunes In Real Estate


Just a few months ago Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and changed the lives of many people forever. In one dramatic week, the Houston real estate market was turned upside down. Thousands of fly by night contractors and gurus headed to town to take advantage our fellow Houstonians!

As veteran, LOCAL investors, we know that the key to successful investing is compassion. These are our neighbors, our community, and we need to assist those who need and want our help, not take advantage of them in their time of need. That is why we are offering this special Post-Harvey intro to real estate investing workshop. During this special workshop we will teach you how to be PROFESSIONAL, not predatory.

Linda Muscarello is one of Houston’s top single family home investors and one of the few female investors, perhaps the only one, teaching in Houston right now. Linda has over twenty years of experience of investing and teaching in Houston and her reputation as The Queen of Foreclosure “investing is only trumped by her reputation for compassion and genuinely caring about the people she works with. Linda has helped more sellers find REAL solutions when they need to sell their properties fast. She has taught more investors than almost anyone else in Houston. She doesn’t brag about her accomplishments, she shares her success with those who are truly interested in achieving their own success. She is the real deal and she’s LOCAL!

Don’t let the fly by night gurus take advantage of your neighbors! Learn the truth about how real estate investing works from the experts.

To take advantage of our early bird special offer on next week’s workshop, just use the code “EARLY32” to save additional costs on the event. And your attendance at the workshop entitles you to ONE YEAR OF FREE MEMBERSHIP at the Realty Investment Community of Houston valued at over $8000!!!!!!

Register today before the event sells out!

Seating is extremely limited.

Call Leo at 281-467-6288 for more information or email