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There are 5 names in this directory beginning with the letter Q.
Qualifying Standards
The standards a lender requires a loan applicant to meet before a loan will be approved. Also called underwriting stan_dards.
Quantity Survey Method
In appraisal, a method of estimating the replacement cost of a structure; it involves a detailed estimate of the quantities and cost of materials and labor, and overhead expenses such as insurance and contractor's profit.
Quiet Enjoyment
Right of an owner or any other person legally entitled to possession to the use of the property without interference.
Quiet Title Action
A lawsuit to determine who has title to a piece of property, or to remove a cloud from the title.
Quitclaim Deed
A deed that conveys simply the grantor's rights or interest, if any, in real property; without stating the nature of the rights or interest and with no warranties of ownership. This is generally considered inadequate except when interests are being passed from one spouse to the other.