During this busy time of the year make sure you take some time for yourself.  You might have seen that RICH has been sending out the 12 Days of Deals.  We’ve carefully selected 12 of our best deals for real estate investors.  Everything from event discounts to free reports and special offers on Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlmited and the Audible audio books and more service.  Here are a few of the books I highly recommend for your listening or reading pleasure:


The first two books by Ryan Holiday I’ve listened to multiple times and I NEVER reread or listen to a book more than once.  These two are the exception.  Why?  Because there is so much truth in them and timeless wisdom about getting past one’s own ego. These books really make you examine what success means and looks like.  And that it’s OK to not want to build an empire, crush your competition but just live in the moment, do a good job, be a good person.  And that you can become more successful than you ever imagined by doing so.

Here’s the 5 second summary of The 5 Second Rule:  As soon as you have thought for action, count backward from 5 and then move, take one step toward accomplishing that action.  That’s it.  The book has all the science behind the theory and it does work – mostly.  Definitely worth the read/listen time.

Ready Player One should be next year’s biggest SciFi movie.  Steven Spielberg has taken on the project and he should do justice to this thriller that really makes you think about the future.  Tons of 70s and 80s video game references in this dystopian take on our not so distant future. This is one of the few works of fiction I’ve read in years, and the fact that Mobile Homes will be stacked into living quarters just makes me smile and want to invest in more and more mobile homes.

To Your Success!

Belinda Lopez
Realty Investment Club of Houston