General Meeting Featuring Brian Spitz – June 2018


June 2018 General Meeting featuring Brian Spitz.


This month Houston’s own Brian Spitz will share his incredible story of how he built one of the largest, most successful real estate machines in the state.

5 Steps to Double Your Conversion Rate Tomorrow!

Hear from Brian Spitz, President of Big State Home Buyers, about his unique perspective on how to increase your conversion rate without spending a dime. It doesn’t matter how many leads you acquire, what truly matters is what comes next. Brian will tap into his background in psychology to reveal his top sales tips that focus on understanding human behavior and the psychology behind why people sell and how they choose their buyer.

Brian is a real estate professional, an entrepreneur and one of the leading real estate investors in Houston.

In 2004, he founded Big State Home Buyers, which assists homeowners who are seeking real estate solutions with their “problem properties” and offers prime investment opportunities to a large network of real estate buyers. Since its founding, Big State has closed more than 3,000 transactions and has seen an upwards cycle of growth. In naming his company “Big State” Home Buyers, he carries the namesake of his grandfather Bill Spitz’s Houston-based company “Big State Pest Control.” The Spitz family members have been entrepreneurs in Texas for four generations.

Because of his market observations, education and analytical expertise, Big State Home Buyers has flourished since its inception.

Brian’s skills in strategic marketing and lead generation mean that Big State Home Buyers is always at the cutting edge, testing new marketing techniques and continuously improving upon the Big State brand. After years in the service industry, Brian truly values integrity and customer service above all else. These core concepts have allowed Big State Home Buyers to serve countless clients in buying or selling homes in a seamless manner.


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Event Details

Start date: June 02, 2018

Start time: 09:00 a.m.

End time: 12:00 p.m.

Venue: RICH Education Center

Directions: Park on garage level P6 and proceed to the 5th floor.

Phone: 713-947-7424


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