Many investors use the excuse that they don’t have the money for their investing.  I have new for you, “THE MONEY IS NOT THE PROBLEM!”

When I first started investing, many experienced investors told me that if I had the deal, they would fund it or help me get it funded.  How could that be true?  But it was!  Of course, I found some other excuses, but getting my first deal funded was a breeze because someone at RICH led me to the money.  This investor even walked the property and told me that if I didn’t buy that property he would and he would make the thousands of dollars.

This month’s General Meeting will feature an incredible line up of experienced lenders and some borrowers who can show you all the different options for your investing.  They’ll help you understand when to use what type of funding, when to put in your own funds and some creative thinking that will help you get deals that no one else can.

Don’t miss this weekend’s General Meeting & Trade Show!  We really will SHOW YOU THE MONEY!!!!